River Bear Racing began in 2015 as a local business focusing on the sale of Stellar kayaks and surf skis, along with the development of paddlers and paddle-racing in general.  We strive to give our customers great value: the quality of the boats is the best in the business, we can special order boats for you at no extra cost (unless you request something particularly special that costs extra, but most requests are no extra charge), and cost of shipping to our location is absorbed by us (you’ll see many dealers of kayaks who charge the customer an extra shipping fee).  We’re also readily available to provide expert tips and guidance to help you find the right boat – and to enjoy your new boat purchase.

My wife and I have owned a variety of surf skis, kayaks, SUP’s, and outriggers. We’ve found something to like about all of them, but in the kayak and surf ski world (and now SUP) we found Stellar to offer very possibly the best built boats on the market with the best stability-to-speed ratios.  Thus we’re proud to be your Midwest dealer for Stellar and Mocke paddling products!

On a personal note, I’ve been paddling canoes and kayaks since 1995 and racing competitively since 2008.  I’m a USCA (United States Canoe Association) certified canoe & kayak instructor and I love to help others excel in their paddling endeavors.  My racing credentials include 10 years  as Indiana State K1 Open Champion; 2nd Place, K1 Sea Kayak Men Senior at the USCA Nationals in 2012; 3rd place, K1 Open Man Senior at the 2013 USCA Nationals; 1st Place, K1 Open Men Senior at the 2015 USCA Nationals, 3rd place overall OC1 Man at the 2016 USCA Nationals, 3rd place in K2 Men, and National Champion in SUP Man at the 2017-2019 USCA Nationals.  Above all, I strive to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all things.

But enough of this talk – let’s get on the water!


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  1. Very interested in the SUP rowing rig and would like some details and specifications. I have aged and injured out of my single racing shell and I think this SUP rowing rig would get me back on the water. Thank you. John


  2. Hello, I am very interested in purchasing the custom blue and black SR Surf Ski. I would be using it for my 2020 Expedition around the Great Lakes. Please contact me if this boat is still available. My number is 816-536-1384. You can call or text this number. Thank you.


    1. Hi Jchiap62,

      The S16S and the Epic V6 are really in a different class than the Epic V7, which is a heavier, plastic ski. Dimensionally, the Stellar S16S and the Epic V6 are pretty close, but the Stellar ski is lighter and has a very solid 3-point footplate. Plus it’s better looking. 😉 In reality, you need to see how each ski fits you; cockpit fit in a ski is extremely important. If you like the S16S (and I personally think it’s an awesome surf ski), I have one in stock that you can try, and I can give you good pricing on it (a slightly tested demo from last year). I can also give you a call if you like and give you a more extensive run down of the features of the S16S.

      Thanks, Steve


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