Paddling Reports

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USCA Indiana Paddlers at the Fish Lake Race 7.28.18:  Deb and Bill Kanost, Larry Swift, Hilman Culp, George Tinsley, and Steve Horney; Roger Crisp in Stellar S18R


Fort Wayne Kayaking Group – Indiana

Sylvan Lake, 10.1.19

Waldron Lake, West Lakes Chain 9.24.19

Golden Lake 5.21.19

Tri-Lakes, 5.14.19

Marsh Lake, 4.30.19

United States Canoe Association – Indiana Division

South Bend Race, Indiana 9.21.19

Ride the Wave Regatta 9.7.19

Fish Lake Paddlefest 7.27.19

Three Rivers Festival Race 7.20.19

Wabash River Race, IN 7.13.19

Hoosier Regatta Race, IN 6.23.19

Fort Wayne Race, IN 6.15.19

Wildcat Creek Race, Lafayette, IN 6.8.19

Tippicanoe Race, Lafayette, IN  5.11.19

Other Great Races

Stellar Victories at the Michigan M-22


South Bend Race, Indiana 9.22.18

Ride the Wave Regatta, Michigan City, 9.8.18

USCA Nationals, August 9-12, 2018

Fish Lake Race aka Lions Paws for Support Paddlefest 7.28.18

Three Rivers Festival Race 7.21.18

Wabash River Race 7.14.18

Sugar Creek Race, Crawfordsville, IN  5.19.18

Tippicanoe Race Lafayette, IN  5.5.18

Hoosier Regatta, Noblesville, IN  4.22.18


Indiana USCA Picnic and Paddle 10.14.17

St. Joe River, South Bend, IN 9.23.17

Ride the Wave Regatta, Michigan City, IN 9.9.17

Mill Creek / Fish Lake Race 7.29.17

Three Rivers Fest Race, Fort Wayne, IN 7.15.17

Wabash River Race 7.8.17

Paddlefest, South Bend, Indiana 6.25.17

Fort Wayne Race, Indiana 6.17.17

Wildcat Creek Race, Lafayette, IN 6.3.17

Sugar Creek Non-Starter, Crawfordsville, IN 5.20.17

Tippicanoe Race, Lafayette, IN 5.13.17


Ride the Wave Regatta, Gary, IN 8.20.16

Three Rivers Festival, Fort Wayne, IN 7.18.16

Wabash River Race 7.8.16

Fish Lake Race, IN 7.2.16

Fort Wayne Canoe & Kayak Race, IN 9.18.16

Tippicanoe Race, Lafayette, IN 5.7.16

St. Joe Race, South Bend, IN 9.24.16

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