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Follow this link for great deals on 2 surf skis to add to your fleet:

Red 7 Green 7

Epic V10L

Summer Sale!

As always River Bear Racing is ready and able to place you in the new Stellar kayak or surf ski of your choice, but if you want a great boat at an incredible savings, check out our current sale items:

Stellar SUP / Advantage layup
List Price: $1450  Sale Price: $995

This beautiful board is likely one of the fastest in the 14′ class, and a real attention-grabber as well.  A great flat-water racer or fitness workout board (or a simply efficient and fun cruiser).  14′ long x 27.2″ wide, 32 lbs.  Removable, adjustable rudder. Equipped with threaded holes and thumbscrews for the optional Stellar rowing rig.

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Stellar SUP Advantage in red with grey stripe

Stellar SEL surf ski / Multi-Sport layup
List Price: $3179  Sale Price: $2295

If you’re looking for maximum speed in a surf ski combined with ruggedness that allows you to take on rocky creeks, then this is your boat.  21’2″ long x 17.1″ wide and 34.8 lbs, it has the sleek, low-resistance lines that give you the speed you’re hungry for, while secondary stability is excellent for this class of boat (yes, you do need some stability skills to make the most of this boat’s potential). The Multi-Sport layup is exceptionally rugged, with some give that allows this boat to shrug off rocks, logs, and such that would critically damage most other composite boats.  The rounded bows of Stellar boats ride up over rocks and logs that would damage plumb bows, plus they ride right over weeds and other debris that gets hung up on plumb and even many angled bows.  A retractable Andersen bailer and kick-up rudder (interchangeable with an under-stern rudder) keep drag low while preventing damage to these components in the case of an impact.

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Stellar SEL Multi-Sport in bright orange with grey stripe / carbon-Kevlar weave hull