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As always River Bear Racing is ready and able to place you in the new Stellar kayak or surf ski of your choice, but if you want a great boat at an incredible savings, check out our current sale items:

New Spring Sale!
Super pricing on left over 2018 demo boats!

Item #1: Stellar S16S Excel sit-on-top! 

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Green with grey stripe, very light at approximately 27 lbs.  Two hatches, over-stern rudder, and Debrito bailer are standard; we’re also adding in a fluoro boat cover to the deal!  The stability of this boat is superb; even new paddlers I’ve placed in S16S’s have been able to paddle them successfully, yet it has more speed than many 18′ sea kayaks.  And they’re a blast in waves, surfing with ease.  It’s very easy to get in and out of a sit-on-top like this: just straddle the boat, sit down, and put your legs in.  No trying to “pretzel-ize” yourself folding your legs under a deck.  And if you prefer a back-band, Stellar has one available for sit-on-tops like this one!    Between the very light weight, convenient length, great ergonomics, and superb performance this is a boat that will leave you smiling for hours!

This particular boat on special has only been demo-paddled twice, remains in like-new shape, and is essentially a new boat.

New list price was $3790 for 2018; for 2019 the new list prices has gone up to $4129. Own this phenomenal boat now for just $3000 (plus tax in Indiana)!

Item #2: Handyman Special- Stellar S18S Excel Surf Ski


White with a grey stripe, just like the images above, weighing approximately 28 lbs, 18′ long x 20.2″ wide, this boat is practically a modern miracle.  A dominant boat in the USCA Sea Kayak Class, it’s also just as much at home on a long cruise or a fitness workout.  But speed and efficiency aren’t its only tricks; this boat will practically turn in its own length!  It’s an amazing combination of speed, stability, and nimble handling.  Not to mention easy to handle on the ground, with light weight, side cockpit handles, and handles at each end.  Plenty of room to carry stuff as well, with two hatches and a water bottle holder.

The boat we have in stock has two small issues: a small ding in the gelcoat on the hull tape from bumping a pontoon boat during a demo, and a damaged bailer (also done during the same demo – apparently someone tried to stomp it open instead of lifting it open…).   This boat can be paddled now if the bailer is left closed (placing a piece of clear plastic packing tape over it works wonders), but I also have a new bailer ready to be installed on the boat.  Without a heated garage it would be challenging for me to make the repairs until the weather heats up a bit more, but if you’re a little handy and you want an Excel-layup S18S at a huge savings, here’s your chance!  List price was $3960 in 2018; it’s now $4235 in 2019.  But you can have this beautiful boat in your garage for just $3000 (plus tax in Indiana)! Comes with boat cover.

Item #3  Stellar SR Excel with special trim scheme!

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As one of the best all-around surf skis on the market, with a really sweet combination of speed and stability, the Stellar SR is a special boat that should be in every serious paddler’s garage.  And few are as special as the one we have in stock.  Sporting an eye-catching blue-on-black gelcoat trim package (a $330 option), this is a boat that will turn heads everywhere you paddle.  Ultra light at roughly 27 lbs and 19’2″ long x 18.9″ wide, the SR Excel is responsive, agile, and quick, and really just a heck of a lot of fun to paddle!  The boat we have in stock has been demo’d a few times, but kept in immaculate condition.  Wouldn’t this look good in your garage? Or better yet, out on the lake, river, or ocean?   New list price on this boat was $4290 ($3960 + $330 for special paint).  In 2019 the list price is now $4565 ($4235 + $330).  On special for just $3500 (plus tax in Indiana) at River Bear Racing! Comes with boat cover.

Stellar Paddle and Oar Sale!

Paddle and Oar Sale!

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