Three Rivers Fort Wayne Race 7.16.22

Leo, Indiana Boat Launch. Photo by Holly Wik The initial predictions for the date of the TRF race had been for temps close to 90. As it was, we were more concerned about being washed out by a storm that passed through shortly before race registration. But not to fear; the rains cleared out just … Continue reading Three Rivers Fort Wayne Race 7.16.22

Wildcat Creek Race 6.11.22

Taming the Wildcat!The Wildcat hissed and snarled, occasionally taking a swipe with its paw, but I managed to make it through the gauntlet – though not unscathed. And I loved every minute of it! Friends don’t let friends take long, skinny boats down the Wildcat, but I guess that explains my standing among this crew … Continue reading Wildcat Creek Race 6.11.22

Sugar Creek Race 5.21.22

You missed a good day on the creek! Rain held registration up a little but cleared off an we were able to start the race on time.  Started the Stwalley Short Race (4 mile) at 1:20 and had 6 participants.  Bob Stwalley’s granddaughter Elizabeth Stwalley and friend Quinn Burns won with a finishing time of … Continue reading Sugar Creek Race 5.21.22

Tippicanoe River Race 5.7.22

Terry chose a fantastic day for the Tippecanoe race this year. With temps in the mid-60’s, sunshine, and fast water for near record-breaking speeds over the 10 mile course, it was all you could ask for a race. Not to mention a beautiful venue; the Tippecanoe was absolutely stunning on the way down, with the … Continue reading Tippicanoe River Race 5.7.22

FORT WAYNE PADDLERS: St. Joe River 8.23.22

The water in the St Joe River was as delightfully putrid as ever, but the fellowship of all the paddlers who showed up, along with a thorough beautiful evening more than made up for it. Much of our usual gang was there, along with several we hadn't seen for a while (like Craig and Lori … Continue reading FORT WAYNE PADDLERS: St. Joe River 8.23.22