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  1. Hey Steve, Jon Long here. I am working at Rutabaga Paddlesports in Monona WI and I referred a customer to you as the store has dropped Stellar. His name is Mike Kerber and he is looking for a light mid range sea kayak and I thought we had a S14 for him. Turned out it was an LV ) : He lives mid state Illinois and you are probably the closest dealer. Mike has a P&H Cetus HV and says it is getting too heavy. (he is 75 YO!) Take care and tell me what you think of the SEA! Wow.


  2. Hi Jon – thanks for the reference! I got a call from Mike today. Unfortunately, I don’t have any S14’s in stock. I offered to order one for him, but naturally he wants to sit in one first, so I directed him south to John McCoy at Some Beach Outfitters (John has a large stock). By the way, Mike told me Rutabaga is no longer a Stellar dealer, which surprised me. But as for the SEA – it’s an awesome (and very fast) ski! And it feels more stable than the SES. Really a nice racing boat.


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