Fort Wayne Paddlers: Golden Lake 8.30.22

Golden Lake 8.30.22 As a stout wind attempted to separate my kayak from my grip while loading my car, I had grand visions of Hawaiian-style super waves generating some gnarly surf on Golden Lake. Reality was a touch different (much to the delight of most of our other paddlers), but I have no complaints. Water … Continue reading Fort Wayne Paddlers: Golden Lake 8.30.22

2021 USCA Indiana division fall meeting

USCA - Indiana Division Fall Meeting & Awards Banquet Food, fun, and fellowship is probably a good description of our end-of-year meeting today.  10 or so of us gathered at St Patrick Park around some excellent food, before proceeding to awards, a small amount of business, and then to our classic post-meeting easy, recreational paddle. … Continue reading 2021 USCA Indiana division fall meeting

South Bend Race 9.25.2021

The end is near! Er…actually, it just passed.  The end of our 2021 Indiana USCA racing season, that is.  And what a great way to send out the racing year!  A few days of rain prior to the running of the St Joe River Race ensured that we had plenty of flow (helpful in getting … Continue reading South Bend Race 9.25.2021

Bridge to Bridge Race, Bristol, IN 8.29.2020

Brent must have behaved himself extra well, because the Almighty blessed us with an almost incomparably excellent day for racing.  Temps were in the low 70's, the air was drier, and the skies were deep blue with enough puffy white clouds to keep the direct sun at bay. A nice breeze (which could also work … Continue reading Bridge to Bridge Race, Bristol, IN 8.29.2020

Wabash River Race 7.11.2020

Wabash River Race 7.11.2020 The view is better from the back... There's an old saying that goes "never bring a knife to a gun fight."  I suppose I could adapt that saying to canoe racing with an adage of my own "never bring an ocean boat to a shallow water race."  That's not to say … Continue reading Wabash River Race 7.11.2020