Fort Wayne Paddlers: Sylvan Lake 9.6.22

Fort Wayne Paddlers

Sylvan Lake 9.6.22

Sylvan Lake, Indiana, paddling, group, Tuesday, outrigger canoe, sea kayak, canoe, C2, C1, recreational, Fort Wayne, cookies

As Mike noted in his original message, our last outing on Sylvan Lake was “electrifying”, threatening to give us a “Back to the Future” experience (except for the challenge of getting a kayak up to 88 mph…). Today was not like that at all, but about as pleasant as could be. We had a high overcast for most of the paddle, leaving us with pleasant temps and no sunburn concerns. Then the clouds parted and we had that magical end of the day sunshine cast across the lake, with just the mildest of breezes to waft that glorious water aroma into our nostrils. 

Speaking of wafting into nostrils, we finished up our paddle with not one, not two, but 3 varieties of cookies to feed hungry paddlers! Louise blessed us with chocolate chip and some wonderful molasses cookies! And Tadd brought some excellent chocolate chip cookies his mom had baked. Naturally I had to sample from both supplies so no one would feel left out, and I can report excellence all around. 


Header photo by Steven Horney. Photos below by Tadd Boman.

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