Fort Wayne Paddlers: Golden Lake 8.30.22

Golden Lake 8.30.22

Golden Lake, Indiana, paddling, group, recreational, kayak, canoe, K1, fiberglass, wooden, Hogback Lake, Pigeon Creek, cookies

As a stout wind attempted to separate my kayak from my grip while loading my car, I had grand visions of Hawaiian-style super waves generating some gnarly surf on Golden Lake. Reality was a touch different (much to the delight of most of our other paddlers), but I have no complaints. Water levels were at a good level, the water appeared to be clean and clear, we had some light rippling on the way out, and just a generally outstanding day to be on the water. Or even at the launch, as the launch area has been greatly improved, with the exception of the porta john (but I am glad we at least have one!)

It was definitely a kayak-centric day, as not a single canoe showed, but we had a pretty good turnout of the double-bladed variety. Launching on Golden Lake, we followed our classic route heading northwest to the Pigeon Creek connection, then into Hogback Lake  and on around to where Pigeon Creek departs again. Following a brief break, we headed back and now found the wind had almost completely died down. Clear skies and a gradually setting sun made for an almost perfect paddling day. Perfection came after we loaded our boats and found another batch of Louise’ grand cookies suddenly made an appearance, this time in chocolate/butterscotch and chocolate chip form. 

Post-paddle socializing while plying paddlers with cookies often reveals otherwise classified information.  It was here that I learned the St. Joe River mob apparently has a price on my head (hopefully at least a dozen cookies), as they took offence to my previous description of St. Joe River water as “putrid”. Aside from remaining in the witness protection program, I shall henceforth plan to use the more politically correct term (preferred pronoun?) of “silty” to describe the St Joe River. Unless, as it was last time, it really is “putrid”.

Thanks all for a great paddle outing!


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