2020 Indiana USCA Annual Awards, Picnic & Paddle

‘Twas a fine meeting!
I supposed it was really more of a picnic, seeing that our annual Fall meeting was held outdoors, we had a good supply of food, we gave out awards, we chatted a bit, and then we went paddling.  Attendance was a little lower than usual, as might be expected under the conditions, but enthusiasm was high!  Matt Meersman, Bill and Deb Kanost, Brent Ernsberger, Ted Beatty, Roger Crisp, Lori Schaffer, Garry Hill, Paul Kane, and I formed the group of attendees.  

This year the following folks received State Champion awards

C1 Man: Ted Beatty

K1 Open: Brent Ernsberger

OC1: Steven Horney

SUP: Steven Horney

K1 Downriver: Brent Ernsberger and John Christensen tied; awarded to Brent since he had the last win.

Sea Kayak Woman: Deb Kanost

Sea Kayak Man: Matt Conrad

C2 Mixed: Guy & Sonja Gilman

C2 Men: Matt & Danielle Meersman

C2 Standard: George Tinsley and Hilman Culp

C2 Aluminum: George Tinsley and Hilman Culp (technically Hilman had one more race than George [Hoosier Regatta], so…)

C4 Mixed: Matt & Danielle Meersman/ Ted Beatty/ Kelly Harrington

Paddler of the Year: Lori Schaffer.  Awarded for being the first to offer a post-Covid race.  And also to encourage her to increase her participation next year. 😉

Not much business to report on, other than the planned coup to take the presidency was rebuffed and I was elected to another term.  Either that, or no one else wanted the job. 😉
Then it was time to paddle!  But first: Lori Schaffer brought out her new Savage River Blackwater canoe for several of us to try.  Very nice paddling canoe, and beautiful to boot!  Ted Beatty also took possession of a neat plastic canoe identical to a model owned by Matt Meersman, a boat that can be paddled either solo or tandem. New competition for boats for these guys?!? One can only hope…

Finally on the water, a group consisting of Matt Meersman in a C1, Bill Kanost in his ICF trainer (Nelo Razor), Ted Beatty in his RPM downriver kayak, Paul Kane in his Stellar S18S sea kayak / Surfski, Brent Ernsberger in his Stellar S18R, Roger Crisp in his Stellar S18R, and me in my Puakea Kahele OC1 headed upriver to the island that forms the turn around point for the Paddlefest races.  Roger and Brent took it at an easier pace and turned back a little earlier; the rest of us paddled at somewhat quicker pace (as racers are wont to do…)  and found our way around the island and back.  On the way back I “adjusted” Bill’s course of travel with the ama on my OC1.  Bill returned and threatened to make me turn turtle by raising the ama, but a quick canoe blade slid across the top of the ama and under Bill’s Razor nullified that threat.  With a stalemate declared, we signed a peace accord and headed back to the take-out in a continued dry state. 

A nice time was had by all, and we’re looking forward to a (hopefully) full year of racing in 2021.  Time will tell!

Have a blessed winter!


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