Stellar Paddlers win at the M-22!

Congratulations to a couple of outstanding athletes and Stellar paddlers on their wins in the Michigan M-22 Triadventure Race! Ryan DeCook won 1st overall and set a new course record, while Mike Von Wihl won 1st in the Men’s 50-54 age bracket and 11th overall; that was against 920 competitors! Both men used Stellar SEI’s originally from River Bear Racing for the paddling segment of the race. Great job guys!

Mike Von Wihl with his Gen 2 Stellar SEI at the M-22
Ryan DeCook’s Gen 1 SEI, which he used to achieve his overall M-22 win!
Ryan DeCook on the podium following his overall M-22 win!
Mike Von Wihl on the podium for his Men’s 50 – 54 age bracket win!

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