Fort Wayne Kayaking: Tri-Lakes 5.14.19

Not long after setting out, fierce winds and waves – driven by a cold, northeastern wind – wreaked havoc up on the band of kayakers.  Fortunately, that wasn’t our group; we enjoyed near perfect weather – at least if you prefer benign conditions.  Jeff and I had to pursue a pontoon boat or two just to try and get a little wave action… Relatively warm, sunny, and calm made for some smooth paddling.
Nine of us took to the Tri-Lakes chain today, touring the inland seas of Round Lake, Little Cedar Lake, and Cedar Lake.  Being proper kayakers, we kept things in perfect balance: 3 wooden sea kayaks, 3 composite sea kayaks, and 3 Stellar surf skis.  Many of our regulars were absent, but most of the other paddlers were new to the group or just coming back after a long absence.  Jay and Joyce were back.  Still hobbling a bit from his injury, Jay nevertheless fell back into the groove once he hit the water.  Jeff joined us for the first time, Lori was back for the first time this year, as was Steve.  Two other paddlers were new as well. Mike was about the only “regular” paddler (this year) there!
Other forms of boating life were conspicuously absent as we rounded Round Lake (is that redundant?) and crossed Little Cedar, but Cedar Lake was practically teeming with other kayakers, including one gal who lives on the lake and joins us periodically when we’re there, and a friend of mine from work who just happened to be fishing Cedar Lake.  Small world…
Not much drama this outing, but a beautiful evening on the water.  Even without cookies…
Thanks for calling the trip, Jay!
To join the group in NE Indiana on Tuesday nights, search “KayakFW” in Yahoo Groups.

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