Sylvan Lake 10.1.2019

With daylight hours rapidly receding, it's hard to say how many more lake outings we'll get, but you couldn't have chosen a nicer evening to cap off the season.  Comfortably warm temps, a pretty sky, nice waters, and (later) a beautiful sunset!  Far more special than the paddle conditions were the paddlers present.  It was … Continue reading Sylvan Lake 10.1.2019

Fort Wayne Kayaking: Tri-Lakes 5.14.19

Not long after setting out, fierce winds and waves - driven by a cold, northeastern wind - wreaked havoc up on the band of kayakers.  Fortunately, that wasn't our group; we enjoyed near perfect weather - at least if you prefer benign conditions.  Jeff and I had to pursue a pontoon boat or two just … Continue reading Fort Wayne Kayaking: Tri-Lakes 5.14.19

Indiana USCA Picnic and Paddle 10.14.17

Our end-of-year recreational gathering in fact turned into a gathering of past USCA champions (Betsy Arnold, Lori Blaylock, Roger Crisp, and myself).  Or maybe we're just a bunch of has-been's.  But we had fun! Roger technically missed his own championship opportunity, but he seems to have made up for it by helping to train Betsy … Continue reading Indiana USCA Picnic and Paddle 10.14.17