‘Tis the Season for 18’ Kayaks!

Joining the S18Sx Excel and S18S EXP Multi-Sport surf skis we have in stock is a newly arrived S18R Advantage kayak – this one being a used kayak we’re selling on consignment. Beautiful red hull with white stripe, this is a G2 model (the latest) in immaculate condition. Purchased new originally from River Bear Racing, the owner of this kayak always kept it covered and stored indoors, and always babied (but he’s moving to Arizona where there’s not a lot of water for paddling). Here’s your opportunity to get into one of the highest performing sit-inside kayaks on the market for a very reasonable price. New price on this kayak is $3395; pick this one up for just $2400.

Also available lightly-used-but-well-cared-for are the following:

  • 2 Werner Kalliste carbon bent-shaft touring paddles. New price: $490. Buy these for $250 each. SOLD!
  • 1 pair of Stellar boat slings. New price: $140. Buy this set for $75. SOLD!
  • 1 Llama “S” V-bar rack. New price: $250. Buy this rack for $150.
Stellar S18R G2 Advantage

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