New boats at River Bear Racing!

Two new Stellar surf ski / sit-on-top kayaks arrived at River Bear Racing this week: one, an S16S Multi-Sport, is headed to a customer. The other, one of the new S18Sx Excel models, is in stock for purchase. Both of these kayaks are outstanding boats, and worthy of consideration if you’re in the market.

Stellar S16S Multi-Sport

SOLD! The S16S is considered by some to be one of the very best “all around” kayaks. Light, fast, very maneuverable, but also very stable and easy to enter and exit, this is a kayak that has very broad appeal. Almost anyone can successfully paddle an S16S, but it also has the performance to run away from most traditional 18′ sea kayaks. In the Multi-Sport layup, it’s also very rugged and designed to shrug off those rocks, logs, and other such hazards that lurk beneath the surface of the water.

New Stellar S18Sx Excel!
Stellar S18Sx Cockpit
View of the Stellar S18Sx from the stern

SOLD! The new S18Sx Excel is the epitome of the performance sea kayak; very possibly the fastest kayak in the USCA Sea Kayak Class, it’s also an excellent fitness and touring kayak. Since most kayakers interested in racing and fitness aren’t inclined to carry a lot of gear, the S18Sx does away with the hatches of the standard S18S (now renamed S18S Exp) and saves approximately 5 lbs in the process. This makes for a very light and lively performance kayak – and one that will run with a lot of intermediate-level surf skis! Our newly arrived boat also comes with the unique Apex trim scheme, adding to the character of an already enticing craft. Be sure to check it out, and let us know if you’re interested in making this boat your own.

Stellar S18S EXP Multi-Sport

AVAILABLE! This stunning S18S EXP Multi-Sport arrived at River Bear Racing a short time ago, and what a beautiful boat it is! But don’t let her beauty deceive you; she is fast and agile, but also incredibly rugged. The Multi-Sport construction and over-stern rudder (not shown in this photo) will let it shrug off underwater obstructions that would seriously damage most kayaks. The EXP model has hatches that will let you carry an abundance gear for whatever paddling adventures you have in mind, while you enjoy the other Stellar advantages such as: ergonomic cockpit, leaf & weed shedding bows, water bottle holder, leash attachment, retractable bailer, swapable rudder system (over-stern or under-stern), side carry handles, end carry handles, and more. This may well be the kayak of your dreams! Contact us for more information.

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2 thoughts on “New boats at River Bear Racing!

  1. I left a comment on your Facebook page a bit back about wanting an S18S in black with a blue center stripe like the S18R you recently sold. What kind of prices would that cost in either Multisport or Advantage, and in either X or EXP? Ordering one new may still be out of my range, but at this point it’s worth checking out. Also, how long would it take to get something like that, since it’s not a common color combo? Also, where are you located?


    1. Hi Jon – if you go to the On Sale Now! link on the site, there is a contact form at the bottom that will send me an email. If you wouldn’t mind sending me an email through the link I can send you pricing by email. I just checked the current warehouse stock, and I see an S18 in that black/blue scheme, but not an S18S or S18R. So ordering one would probably take around 3 months. I do have a beautiful red/black S18S EXP Multi-Sport in stock that is similarly striking; I can send you a photo of it by email (I’ll also try to get the image added to the site this evening). I am located in Northeast Indiana, just north of Fort Wayne. Thanks! Steve


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