Tippicanoe Race May 11, 2019

If at first you don't succeed, try again.  And so we did, and this time success embraced our efforts to ignite the paddle racing season!  Terry set up his usual excellent race on the Tippecanoe, although he did lack his usual donuts.  I blame that on the expense of his new truck.  But on the … Continue reading Tippicanoe Race May 11, 2019

Land Paddles – New to River Bear Racing!

Have you ever wanted to get in a solid paddle-type workout outdoors, but without having to get to water?  Especially if it's really cold?  Or you just want to get some practice conveniently without resorting to the boredom of ergs and other machines?  Well...we may have the answer for you: Land Paddles!!!  River Bear Racing … Continue reading Land Paddles – New to River Bear Racing!

used Epic V5 Performance Surf ski

USED EPIC V5 PERFORMANCE SURF SKI Offered by one of our customers:Epic V5 surf ski, Performance layup, for sale.Asking $ 1995.00Current new price: $ 2795.00Purchased new last fall (2017)This is a great surf ski in great condition. Excellent stability and surprisingly fast for 14′ 3″ long surf ski. Perfect for a workout, even in bad weather.Sale … Continue reading used Epic V5 Performance Surf ski

New Stellar Pro Wing Paddle!

This is really an awesome wing paddle: very well built, very light, very ergonomic, and with a great catch and feel in the water (I first tried it at the USCA Nationals this year).  It's the first and only paddle I've come across that made me willing to change from my current paddle.  I just … Continue reading New Stellar Pro Wing Paddle!

South Bend Race 9.22.18

South Bend Race 9.22.18 Saturday dawned somewhat cloudy, and about 25 degrees cooler than the prior day(!), with more sun coming out through the day.  Somehow Matt Meersman has a knack as choosing the one cool day for his race - but he also has a knack at putting on a really nice race with … Continue reading South Bend Race 9.22.18