Boats for sale – and boat sales!

I’m moving to a Stellar SEL for my racing boat, but to make room I need to sell my beloved Epic V12.  So here are the specs: Epic V12, Performance layup, weed deflector, 3 rudders (standard Epic surf rudder, Epic weedless rudder, and a custom 3″ racing rudder).  The boat has always been kept in the garage and is in excellent shape, save for a few handling marks and a few very light scratches on the hull.  $1400.  Call Steve at 260-452-6447 for information or photos.

Now for boat specials: Stellar is updating the cockpit and making a few other tweaks to the SEL.  The updated models are expected to be out later this summer.  In the meantime, they’re offering an additional discount to dealers on existing inventory, so I can offer you a better deal as well.  This is an excellent boat as is – one of the very best high-performance surf skis on the mark, both in build quality and in speed/stability ratio. As I noted in another post you can have the boat outfitted with a switchable over-stern rudder for a small fee.  I’m ordering one for myself; call me if you’d like one as well!  Call Steve at 260-452-6447.  As of today all the remaining SEL’s are white, with two in Sport Layup, a few in Advantage, and one in Excel.

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