End of Season Demo Specials! SOLD!

With the regular paddling season winding down it’s time to sell off some current demo models so I can pick up some new demos – and you can get some excellent, beautiful boats for some excellent prices!

1. SEI Excel, white, 4″ weedless under-stern rudder. 20′ long x 18.1″ wide.  With nylon cover.  Other than the color scheme (and all-white is still optional), this boat is the current model in the Excel layup.  As a side note, all white is the lightest color scheme (color can add 1.2 – 1.8 lbs to a boat).  Probably the fastest of the intermediate surf skis.  List price: $3895 for boat + $130 cover = $4125.  Like new shape; paddled only 6 or so times.  $3300 + tax (in Indiana). UPDATED PRICE: now only $2700!!!

2015 SEI Excel
2015 Stellar SEI Excel, 4″ weedless rudder

2.  SEL Advantage, white, optional over-stern rudder ($330 option) + under-stern surf rudder.  21’6″ x 17.3″.  With nylon cover.  Amazing stability with amazing speed! I hate to sell this one; I used it to win a state championship and a national championship this year.  This is the 2015 model (1st gen); the 2nd gen 2016 model has some cockpit and dimensional changes, but this is still a very competitive boat – and a blast to paddle!   List price: $2750 for boat + $330 professionally installed over-stern rudder + $130 cover = $3210.  In near-new shape.  $2300 + tax (in Indiana).  UPDATED PRICE: now only $2200!!! SOLD!!!

2015 Stellar SEL
2015 Stellar SEL Advantage, over-stern rudder

Contact Steve with the form below if you’re interested. 🙂



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