With the regular paddling season winding down it’s time to sell off some current demo models so I can pick up some new demos – and you can get some excellent, beautiful boats for some excellent prices!

1. SEI Excel, white, 4″ weedless under-stern rudder. 20′ long x 18.1″ wide.  With nylon cover.  Other than the color scheme (and all-white is still optional), this boat is the current model in the Excel layup.  As a side note, all white is the lightest color scheme (color can add 1.2 – 1.8 lbs to a boat).  Probably the fastest of the intermediate surf skis.  List price: $3895 for boat + $130 cover = $4125.  Like new shape; paddled only 6 or so times.  $3300 + tax (in Indiana). UPDATED PRICE: now only $2700!!!

2015 SEI Excel

2015 Stellar SEI Excel, 4″ weedless rudder

2.  SEL Advantage, white, optional over-stern rudder ($330 option) + under-stern surf rudder.  21’6″ x 17.3″.  With nylon cover.  Amazing stability with amazing speed! I hate to sell this one; I used it to win a state championship and a national championship this year.  This is the 2015 model (1st gen); the 2nd gen 2016 model has some cockpit and dimensional changes, but this is still a very competitive boat – and a blast to paddle!   List price: $2750 for boat + $330 professionally installed over-stern rudder + $130 cover = $3210.  In near-new shape.  $2300 + tax (in Indiana).  UPDATED PRICE: now only $2200!!! SOLD!!!

2015 Stellar SEL

2015 Stellar SEL Advantage, over-stern rudder

Contact Steve with the form below if you’re interested. 🙂



About River Bear Racing

Surf ski and kayak racing form a huge part of my life; as soon as the water is open in the Midwest, I'm on it 'till it freezes over again! Follow the aquatic adventure with the latest boats and equipment from Stellar Kayaks and Mocke Paddling Products. See you on the water! Steve ;)

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