Since it’s more convenient for many to pay with a credit card, River Bear Racing is now setup to accept credit cards.  I will be able to accept them in person, or you can pay your invoice with a credit card through PayPal (no need to join PayPal).  Because of the credit card fees, I won’t be able to offer the 5% discount, but everything else we offer is still part of the deal (like the free boat cover and no shipping charges for boats ordered for local pickup).  Speaking of shipping, if you’re some distance away and would like your boat shipped directly to you from the Stellar warehouse, we can arrange it and we’ll cover part of the shipping costs.

Let me know if I can help you into a new boat or paddling gear (Stellar has some very cool new paddling clothing now available).  Or contact me if you just want to talk boats and / or want some information.





About River Bear Racing

Surf ski and kayak racing form a huge part of my life; as soon as the water is open in the Midwest, I'm on it 'till it freezes over again! Follow the aquatic adventure with the latest boats and equipment from Stellar Kayaks and Mocke Paddling Products. See you on the water! Steve ;)

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