New Arrivals at River Bear Racing!

2016 demo collection -1

Stellar Kayaks and Surf Skis are better than ever in 2016, with more performance and appearance options than ever before, and we have 3 of the brand new boats in house.

2016 SEL-5

Stellar SEL: Stellar’s elite racing ski, the SEL, was significantly redesigned for 2016.  Dimensionally the boat has changed from 21’6″ long x 17.5″ wide to 21’2″ long x 17.1″ wide.  Of greater significance, the cockpit has been modified with reduced volume, faster draining, and really superb ergonomics that enhance the paddlers connection with the boat and their positioning for a good paddle stroke.  I raced the Gen 1 version last year, and having now paddled the Gen 2 version a few times (my race boat for this year), I can report that while the Gen 1 had a little more primary stability, this new Gen 2 version seems to move through the water with even less resistance while still possessing that abundant secondary stability Stellar is famous for.  With the improved ergonomics it’s really a joy to paddle – it’s hard to describe the excellence of the cockpit fit.  Truly best in the business, in my opinion.  I can’t wait for race season to begin this year!

Our new demo boat is in the Multi-Sport layup, with an orange deck and grey trim.  The Multi-Sport layup is designed for those rugged rivers where rocks and logs can present a substantial hazard to the well-being and life-expectancy of your boat.  A carbon-Kevlar weave used to fabricate the hull is very tough, but also has a little bit of give to absorb impacts, turning what could be severe damage for a typical composite boat into nothing more than a scratch on this hull.  Complementing the hull fabric is the rounded bow that tends to ride up and over obstacles (as well as shedding weeds and leaves), a kick-up over-stern rudder that bumps up and out of the way when encountering an obstacle, and a retractable Andersen bailer that avoids the potential of breaking off a conventional bailer (plus the Andersen bailers drain very quickly, resist back flow, and can be left partially open if needed).  All in all an excellent package for some of our local races on rocky creeks!  As a side note, an under-stern rudder can be fitted in just a few minutes to turn this river racer into a big-water wave surfer.

2016 SR-4

Stellar SR:  The Stellar SR is an intermediate surf ski that has become immensely popular over the years.  The 19’2″ long x 18.9″ wide dimensions create a boat that has a lot of speed and efficiency while maintaining a comfortable level of stability.  With the updated cockpit (similar to the SEL above) and superb paddling ergonomics and comfort this ski is unmatched as a fun and efficient paddling machine.  When I first paddled one at a dealer conference last year I didn’t want to give it back!  Our demo ski is in the Multi-Sport layup (see the SEL description above), with a yellow deck and grey trim.  If you’re looking to move up from the more efficient sea kayaks into a real performance boat, or you’re an experienced surf ski paddler looking for a more stable boat you can use in all conditions, the SR is probably the boat for you.

2016 S16S-2

Stellar S16S:  Brand new this year is the S16S, falling in between the 14′ S14S (new last year) and the baseline S18S.  A little shorter (16′), wider (22.9″), and with a little flatter bottom, the S16S has a reassuring stability that allows almost anyone to paddle it, but with more efficiency that most comparable-length boats.  If you’ve been paddling a conventional kayak and haven’t tried a surf ski, you owe it to yourself to see what the fuss is all about.  Very easy to enter, exit, and reenter in deep water (if you happen to somehow dump where it’s deep), surf skis are at once both safer than conventional kayaks and also ergonomically better in most cases for good paddling efficiency.  And their just plain fun!  The green/grey S16S we have in stock is in the very light Excel layup, weighing approximately 27 lbs.  With the carry handles on the side of the cockpit this is a very easy boat for 1 person to handle and to lift on top of their vehicle.  The S16S cockpit is similar in design to the SEL and SR cockpits mentioned above, meaning the ergonomics are excellent.  An over-stern rudder is standard on the S16S along with the very sold 3-point foot plate standard on all Stellar surf skis.

Come try these new demos.  I think you’ll be quite impressed!


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