Mocke Paddling Products at RBR!

River Bear Racing is now carrying Mocke paddling products – most notably Mocke Racer PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices; i.e. life jackets), Mocke Rapid Hydration Bladders, Mocke Rapid Hydration XL tubes, and Mocke Cell Phone Dry Bags.  Dawid Mocke is one of the top surf ski racers in the world, and his company has designed these products to work superbly for paddlers.

I started using a Mocked PFD shortly after we got our first order, and I have to say I’m very pleased with the product – probably the best PFD on the market for surf ski paddlers (probably kayak and canoe paddlers as well).  My biggest challenge with my prior PFD was chafing while rotating.  A proper kayak stroked requires torso rotation, and my PFD would leave me with painful “nipple rash” after a workout.  The Mocke PFD has the flotation arranged such that nothing rubs against that part of your chest.  It’s a very comfortable PFD; I don’t really notice wearing it.

Other big pluses of the Mocke Racer PFD are the bright orange coloring (making it far easier for others to see you on the water) and large pockets front and rear, making great places to carry things like a dry bag with your keys or camera and a hydration pack.  It’s a little unconventional in that you put it on over your head rather than zipping or snapping it on like some others, but it’s pretty easy to put on.  I give it “two thumbs up”!

One side note: the Mocke PFD is International Canoe Federal (ICF) approved, as well as approved by other paddling organizations, but it is not yet Coast Guard approved (they’re working on it).

Mocke pricing at River Bear Racing:
Item                                        List Price            RBR Price
Racer PFD                               $130.00                $110.00
Hydration Bladder               $34.00                  $29.00
XL Tube                                   $5.00                     $5.00
Cell Phone Dry Bag             $27.00                   $23.00

For info on Mocke products, see: Mocke Paddling Products


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