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Stellar’s recently introduced Rapid-S racing kayak  has the potential to boost the performance of a lot of flat-water marathon paddlers.  Based on the very fast 20’3″ SES surf ski hull, the Rapid-S is even a bit faster, apparently due to the paddler location/balance.  As a sit-inside kayak, it can accommodate larger paddlers that cannot fit comfortably in the SES.  Paddlers comfortable with 17″ surf skis should be comfortable with the stability of the Rapid-S.  I tested the SES at the recent dealer’s conference, and found the stability surprisingly good, especially for a 16.3″ wide boat.  Stellar builds a lot of secondary stability into their hulls, giving paddlers a comfortable margin when things get a bit hairy.

With a rugged Multi-Sport type hull and a kick-up over-stern rudder, this boat is designed for tough rivers and up to class II rapids.  As Stellar puts it: “The Rapid-S is born from the desire to go fast down class 1 and 2 rapids in the Mountains of New Zealand. The hull shape is derived from the popular SES with the flexible, yet stiff multi-sport construction to bounce off the river bottom. The bow deck has a streamlined high volume shape to shed water when punching through rapids to keep you moving on the backside. Over stern rudders kick-up out of the way when they run aground, a must for shallow waters! The Rapid-S is a beast on the flat water too, moving very fast on the slack water or lakes.”

About River Bear Racing

Surf ski and kayak racing form a huge part of my life; as soon as the water is open in the Midwest, I'm on it 'till it freezes over again! Follow the aquatic adventure with the latest boats and equipment from Stellar Kayaks and Mocke Paddling Products. See you on the water! Steve ;)

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