Stellar SUP / Rowing Rig now at River Bear Racing!

Stellar SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle board
Stellar SUP with Stellar carbon SUP adjustable paddle.

The long-awaited and brand-new Stellar Stand-Up-Paddleboard (SUP) and optional rowing rig has now arrived at River Bear Racing.  The SUP itself is 14 feet long x 27.2 inches wide, and designed for flat-water speed.  Manufactured from fiberglass (Advantage layup just like the Stellar kayaks and surf skis), this SUP weighs 32 lbs.  Stellar also sells a very nice adjustable carbon SUP paddle, which we have here as well.  This is the SUP you’ll want if you want to make time on flat water!

Stellar SUP Stand Up Paddleboard paddle board rowing rig practice training
Stellar SUP with rowing rig and carbon oars.

The really breaking news – and something I believe is totally unique to Stellar – is a rowing rig option for the SUP.  Stellar is a sister company to Wintech Racing, one of the top names in rowing shells, and that technology has now trickled over to Stellar in the form of a quickly interchangeable rowing unit that converts the SUP into an excellent rowing trainer or workout boat.   Wintech oars are available for this unit.   The primary difference between the Stellar rowing rig and a standard rowing shell (aside from the boat design) is that the seat moves with most rowing shells, while the oar assembly and footplate remain stationary.  With the short length of the SUP, having a rower moving back and forth constantly changing the center of gravity didn’t seem like a good idea.  So the Stellar rowing rig allows the footplate and the oar assembly to move instead, with the seat fixed.  Same motion and muscles, just a different approach.  The Stellar SUP / rowing rig may well be the most economical way to get into a rowing trainer.  Not to mention that this setup will produce some excellent performance of its own in the hands of an accomplished rower (or SUP paddler)!

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