Used Boats for Sale!

Some of our customers have used boats they’re offering for sale, so here’s your opportunity to pick up a nice used boat at a great price!

Red 7 Green 7 Surf Ski

Green 7 - 2_small
Sleek lines and unique trim make the Green 7 stand out in any crowd of kayaks!

This is a unique South African boat, rarely seen in the USA.  Notable for its cork core and 3-point footplate, the Green 7 also sports a comfortable cockpit and triple scuppers for fast water removal.  While definitely a ski for the experienced paddler, it does have a considerable amount of secondary stability for its class.  Great shape! $1400 obo.

Laying the Green 7 over, exploring the secondary stability.

Epic V10L Performance, 1st Gen SOLD!!!

Epic V10L PTKs from bow 3143 cropd-sm
Epic V10L Performance
Epic V10L Ultra 001-small
Full photo of a V10L Ultra.  The boat for sale is the Peformance layup.

1st Gen Epic V10L in the Performance layup.  Still a great performing boat, and with reduced volume for lower wind resistance.  Very clean!  $1100 obo.

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