Land Paddles – New to River Bear Racing!

Have you ever wanted to get in a solid paddle-type workout outdoors, but without having to get to water?  Especially if it’s really cold?  Or you just want to get some practice conveniently without resorting to the boredom of ergs and other machines?  Well…we may have the answer for you: Land Paddles!!!  River Bear Racing is now selling BraapStik land paddles, one of the coolest ways to turn your longboard/skateboard into an on-the-go paddle practice machine.  

While there are other land paddles on the market, BraapStiks are particularly innovative.  Most land paddles are basically a long wooden dowel with a rubber tip.  BraapStiks employ a curved leaf-spring (similar to a runner’s prosthetic) at the contact end, along with your choice of a flat or ball rubber contact point, to both cushion the impact of the paddle against the pavement (your joints will thank you) and to add some spring to the release.  An ergonomic ball on the top end creates a very comfortable hold.  Some independent reviewers found a notable increase in performance when using the BraapStik in comparision to standard land paddles.

BraapStiks also telescope out to full size (adjustable for length) or retract down to a very compact 30″, making it convenient to carry a BraapStik anywhere you carry your longboard, allowing for impromptu workouts.  BraapStiks come with three spring rate options: soft, medium, or hard.  As a rule of thumb, the light spring rate is recommended for folks weighing 80 – 180 lbs, medium for 160 – 220 lbs, and heavy for 200+ lbs, although there’s a lot of cross-over, depending on personal preference.  We have demo BraapStiks in all three spring rates at River Bear Racing.  BraapStiks are available in a variety of colors, along with a T-handle option and the Kong Ball mod option.  Extra feet are available as well.  See BraapStik Info for more information.  

Land paddling very closely simulates the full-body workout of SUP paddling, which is also beneficial to canoe & kayak paddling.  But you can do it virtually anywhere there’s a safe paved surface!  Surf those concrete waves!

We can have BraapStiks drop-shipped to you anywhere in the US, or you can pick one up here at River Bear Racing.  $125 (+ tax in Indiana).  Add $5.00 for the T-handle and $10.00 for the Kong Ball.  

BraapStik paddler; image from BraapStik website.


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