Summer Sale on Surf Ski/Sit-on-Tops!

With summer in full-swing, now is the time for an exceptional sale on a couple of top-rate kayaks: one surf ski (Stellar SR) and one sit-on-top/recreational surf ski (Stellar S16S).

Stellar’s S16S is an amazing sit-on-top/ski; it has sufficient stability that almost anyone can paddle it, yet it outperforms most 18 ft sea kayaks. Two hatches provide plenty of storage; a water bottle holder helps provide hydration while under way; a leash anchor point helps ensure you and your paddle stay with the boat if things get gnarly; an over-stern kick-up rudder coupled with a solid 3-point footplate and rudder pedals helps you track true and turn hard, while moving out of the way of you encounter an under-water obstacle; and end handles/side handles maximize ease of transport. Along with exceptionally light weight! And being a sit-on-top, entry and exit is a breeze – no more “pretzeling” your legs attempting to squeeze into a cockpit! The efficient Debrito Bailer rapidly removes water, and retracts for low hydrodynamic drag.

Our demo boat is a beautiful green with grey trim Excel layup version. Only roughly 27 lbs, and measuring 16′ long x 22.9″ wide, it’s a kayak that will fit most garages, but keep you running ahead of the pack! Barely used, and looking like new, our sale price of $3200 is well below the current new price of $4615!

Stellar, 16 feet, sit on top, surf ski, cockpit, easy to enter, reentry, S16S, light weight, green, gray, sale, hatch, riggings, overstern, rudder, kayaking, paddling
Stellar S16S Excel, green with grey stripe

Also on sale is our very special Stellar SR demo boat. Stellar’s SR is a possibly one of the best all-around surf skis on the market. Considered an “intermediate” ski, stability is quite friendly for more experienced paddlers, with performance that pushes the elite skis. It’s a great ski for sea kayak paddlers to move into, but quite a few top paddlers also love it as a great all-around ski they can use in when conditions get bigger. Many surf ski paddlers report that the SR is their favorite boat! It’s just plain fun to paddle! And our SR is a very special ski, with a beautiful and unique black/blue gelcoat trim scheme that really turns heads (and normally adds $300 to the cost of the ski). Measuring 19.2′ x 18.9″ and weighing just over 25 lbs, this ski is a delight on and off the water. Cockpit handles and bow/stern handles make off-water handling easy. Water bottle holder provides for on-water hydration, and a leash attachment point helps keep paddler/boat/and paddle together should you decide to sample the water bodily. A very efficient Debrito Bailer drains water rapidly, but retracts for minimum drag. And the included weedless under-stern rudder keeps you running free from annoying drag in weedy conditions. With a new price of $4725 (not including the $300 special trim scheme), our $3700 price on this like-new surf ski is a deal!

Stellar, SR, intermediate, surf, ski, surfski, racing, light, Kevlar, kayak, kayaking, paddle, paddling, nineteen feet,
Stellar SR Excel with custom trim scheme!

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