Sale on Demo Surf Ski/Sit-on-Tops!

Our other demo boats have sold, but we still have an S16S ready to put a smile on your face!

Stellar’s S16S is an amazing sit-on-top/ski; it has sufficient stability that almost anyone can paddle it, yet it outperforms most 18 ft sea kayaks. Two hatches provide plenty of storage; a water bottle holder helps provide hydration while under way; a leash anchor point helps ensure you and your paddle stay with the boat if things get gnarly; an over-stern kick-up rudder coupled with a solid 3-point footplate and rudder pedals helps you track true and turn hard, while moving out of the way of you encounter an under-water obstacle; and end handles/side handles maximize ease of transport. Along with exceptionally light weight! And being a sit-on-top, entry and exit is a breeze – no more “pretzeling” your legs attempting to squeeze into a cockpit! The efficient Debrito Bailer rapidly removes water, and retracts for low hydrodynamic drag.

Our demo boat is a beautiful green with grey trim Excel layup version. Only roughly 27 lbs, and measuring 16′ long x 22.9″ wide, it’s a kayak that will fit most garages, but keep you running ahead of the pack! Barely used, and looking like new, our sale price of $3200 is well below the current new price of $4195!

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Stellar S16S Excel, green with grey stripe

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