Two used Stellar S14 Kayaks now at River Bear Racing!

We just got in stock a matching pair of gently used yellow/white Stellar S14 kayaks in Advantage layup, with all the gear! Each boat comes with a boat cover, a cockpit cover, a spray skirt, two back bands (low and high), and a Stellar low-angle carbon touring paddle (with paddle bag) – in other words, a complete get-on-the-water package! One of the boats also has a pump. Both S14’s have a retractable skeg, adjustable foot braces, two hatches, a comfortable seat, and bow and stern bungees. Deck cutaways help keep your paddle stroke in closer to the kayak without whacking the deck. At 14’4″ long x 23.6″ wide and weighing just 36 lbs, the S14 is small enough to be transported easily, stable enough for almost anyone to feel comfortable, and efficient enough to really enhance your days on the water.

The S14 Advantage retails for $2965 ea; carbon touring paddles are $449 ea; boat covers are $115 ea; cockpit covers are $37 ea; large back braces are $30 ea; and spray skirts are $99 ea. Total for each kayak package new would be $3695. Get a complete S14 kayak package (one boat, one paddle, one cover, etc) for only $2100!

Stellar, S14, sea kayak, kayak, 14 feet, yellow, white, fiberglass, Advantage, carbon, paddle, touring, paddling, recreational, easy to paddle, light

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