Happy New Year from River Bear Racing!

Whether racing or cruising, be prepared to dominate the pack in 2020! The S18S and S18R have the same hull, just different decks for different preferences. An enlarged cockpit on the S18R makes this a far easier sit-inside kayak to enter and exit than probably anything in its class; no more imitating a pretzel just trying to get into the boat! These hulls are incredible: very low resistance, for fast cruising, but they’ll also practically turn on themselves. It’s not often you’ll come across a kayak that is both fast and maneuverable, but now you have!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year from River Bear Racing!

  1. Steve….Happy New Year! And thank you for the amazing job you do on the USCA Canoe News. I always look forward to reading it. Thanks, Doug king


  2. HiI really enjoy these communications.  I bought my Epic v7 in July.  Do you have any video recommendations or know of anyone that offers seminars on how to use the wing paddle efficiently or proper paddling technique for a surfski?

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  3. Hi jchiap62: One of the classic – and possibly one of the best – guides on the wing paddle forward stroke comes from Greg Barton. Years ago I bought his video, and it really helped me in learning to use the wing paddle. You can also get that info here: https://www.epickayaks.com/post/barton-s-forward-stroke. Oscar Chalupsky (also in the video with Greg Barton) used to put on a lot of paddling clinics; I don’t think he does so anymore, but you can get a lot of his training info for free on his Facebook page, or subscribe to his on-line coaching clinic for greater info and help. See: https://www.facebook.com/oscar.chalupsky/ There are other YouTube videos of the forward stroke, and some good videos of ICF racers where you can really see a good stroke in action, but I think if you start with the info from Greg and Oscar you’ll get a solid start. If you’re in the area when the weather warms up, I would be happy to paddle with you and give you some help as well.


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