South Bend Race 9.22.18

South Bend Race 9.22.18 Saturday dawned somewhat cloudy, and about 25 degrees cooler than the prior day(!), with more sun coming out through the day.  Somehow Matt Meersman has a knack as choosing the one cool day for his race - but he also has a knack at putting on a really nice race with … Continue reading South Bend Race 9.22.18

St. Joe Race, South Bend, IN 9.24.16

Old Unlimited Kayak racers don’t retire – they become canoeists.  Or so it appears from the makeup of the gang assaulting the St. Joe River at the St. Joe River Canoe & Kayak races this past Saturday.  With the entire participant roster composed of entries into either canoe or sea kayak classes, we appear to … Continue reading St. Joe Race, South Bend, IN 9.24.16

Tippicanoe River Race, Lafayette, IN 5.7.16

Tippecanoe without “Tyler Too” – but we did spot Bigfoot If you’re a fan of change, Tippecanoe is your race.  Some years it’s warm and inviting, some years it’s cold and foreboding.  Most years we face at least the threat of rain, often thunderstorms.  Water levels and current vary, even between morning and afternoon races.  … Continue reading Tippicanoe River Race, Lafayette, IN 5.7.16