2nd Gen SEI Arriving!

Stellar has just updated the SEI, moving the cockpit forward a bit, narrowing the catch, rounding the seat, reducing cockpit volume, installing dual bailers, and making an excellent ski even better.  Very likely the fastest of the intermediate skis, with better stability than the elite skis, this boat may be the ultimate all-around ski for … Continue reading 2nd Gen SEI Arriving!

Ultimate River Surfski? Yep – now at Stellar!!!

The year following my entry into USCA kayak racing, I purchased a WSBS Thunderbolt kayak and made a beeline towards Unlimited Class kayak racing - and never turned back.  My Thunderbolt - with a few mods, such as over-stern rudder, rudder pedal footplate, and a Bumfortable seat - was probably the best river racer I could … Continue reading Ultimate River Surfski? Yep – now at Stellar!!!

Why you need a Stellar SEL :)

I just took delivery of a new Stellar SEL, Advantage layup, specially outfitted from Stellar with an interchangeable over-stern rudder for river use (while still allowing quick installation of the under-stern rudder for big-water use).  It's much like the classic story of two lovers who meet for a brief time, then drift away, only to be … Continue reading Why you need a Stellar SEL 🙂

Over or Under – have your rudder your way.

Surf skis, originally developed as life guard rescue skis, have traditionally been focused on ocean paddling – big waves and deep water. Hence the reason nearly all skis have under-stern rudders. The under-stern rudder works marvelously in that element: it provides excellent control, quicker reaction (due to the closer placement to the CG/CP), and it … Continue reading Over or Under – have your rudder your way.