Wildcat Creek Race, Lafayette, IN 6.8.19

Wildcat Creek plays no favorites - a fact born out in the rather frequent swapping of fortunes and misfortunes in Saturday’s race on the Wildcat.  Were Wildcat Creek the Dread Pirate Roberts, it would legitimately say “I’m no one to be trifled with!”  But trifle with it we did... Running fast and high, Wildcat Creek … Continue reading Wildcat Creek Race, Lafayette, IN 6.8.19

Sugar Creek Non-Starter 5.20.17

Non-Starter Sugar Creek Race Report 1.20.17 The Great Sugar Creek Race of 2017 started out like any other race: wearily looking over at the alarm clock and thinking “you can’t be serious!”  Followed by “you know, if I stopped this racing silliness I could blissfully return to a state of unconsciousness.”  But some nearly forgotten … Continue reading Sugar Creek Non-Starter 5.20.17