A “Stellar” Opportunity

River Bear Racing is now in business, selling Stellar kayaks and surfskis in the Midwest! Give me a call if you’re interested in a new Stellar boat. I’ve owned/paddled/raced most of the surfski brands on the market, and they’re all very good, but Stellar boats have a few key advantages, particularly for those of us on the rivers and lakes of the Midwest: the rounded bows almost never pick up weeds or leaves, but tend rather to ride over them; the 3-point attachment on the footplates gets rid of creeks and groans (in the footplate; you’re on your own for your joints!), yet the quick-release levers make adjustments a snap; these boats have probably the best stability to speed ratios in the industry; and boat construction is both light and very stiff.   Additional features on many of the boats include over-stern/under-stern interchangeable rudders, carrying handles, pluggable venturis, paddle leash anchors, and bright, visible colors.  New this year are reduced-volume cockpits, quicker draining, and closer paddle catches on many of the surf skis. With a variety of sizes and layups, there are great options for every paddler! See http://www.stellarkayaksusa.com/products.html for product details. Steve

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