The Long and Short of it: Stellar’s New S14S

Along with the opportunity to test the newly revised Stellar SR while at the dealer’s conference in VA, I had a chance to paddle the newest Stellar ski – the S14S.  Slotted in a niche where other manufacturers have thus far feared to tread, this is the shortest surf ski on the market, a mere 14′ long.  But it paddles like no other 14′ boat you’ve ever paddled.  And it’s a hoot!  Very stable, yet surprisingly fast for a shorter boat, the S14S has all the ergonomics of a good surf ski, including the carbon 3-point footplate and rudder pedals (and yes, a rudder).  We even had an all S14S race at the conference just for the fun of it!  Some were able to take it on the ocean prior to my arrival, and reported excellent surfing results with this boat.  If you’re someone who doesn’t have the room for a longer boat, or perhaps you just find a shorter boat more to your liking, check out the S14S.  Available in 4 layups and a variety of colors, it makes short cool again! 🙂  See Stellar S14S for more information on the new S14S.  As always, stay tuned for more developments.  And call me (Steve) at 260-452-6447 if you’d like an S14S for your very own!

Checking out the new S14S at Virginia Beach, VA.
Checking out the new S14S at Virginia Beach, VA.

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