Help for the Aging Paddler

As a demographic, we (paddlers) seem to be an aging group: young people are often too preoccupied with electronic doodads to get involved in outdoor activity, and young-to-middle-aged adults are often too busy with families and paying bills to take up a new sport(especially one that requires time and some initial financial outlay).  But more and … Continue reading Help for the Aging Paddler

The Long and Short of it: Stellar’s New S14S

Along with the opportunity to test the newly revised Stellar SR while at the dealer's conference in VA, I had a chance to paddle the newest Stellar ski - the S14S.  Slotted in a niche where other manufacturers have thus far feared to tread, this is the shortest surf ski on the market, a mere 14' … Continue reading The Long and Short of it: Stellar’s New S14S