As we ring in the New Year, it’s a good time to start 2018 with a new boat at a great price!  All boats have been stored indoors (in covers) and kept in superb shape.  I place clear helicopter blade tape along potential paddle strike locations to protection the finish of the boats from damage in demos.  Most of the boats have very little paddle time on them.

stand up paddleboard, racing, USCA, paddling, paddle

Stellar SUP

Stellar SUP Stand Up Paddleboard paddle board rowing rig practice training

Stellar SUP with rowing rig (SOLD) and carbon oars.

Stellar SUP Advantage: new $1650; now just $1150!!!
A beautiful and fast flat-water SUP speedster.  14′ x 27″ x 32 lbs.  Set up for the available Stellar rowing rig conversion that converts the SUP into a sculling boat (demo rowing rig is SOLD).  See the  Stellar website for more information on the rowing rig, paddles, and oars.

Stellar, SR, Excel, surfski, surf, ski, racing, kayak, kayaking, USCA, paddling, white, gray, sit on top, surf ski, River Bear Racing

Stellar SR Excel in white with grey stripe.

SR Excel: $3960 new.  Now just $3200!!!
One of the best all-around skis on the market, and just plain fun to paddle!  At 19’2″ long x 18.9″ wide x 25.4 lbs and in white with a grey stripe, it’s the perfect move-up ski for the sea kayaker or the perfect rough-conditions ski for the pro.  Fast, efficient, and with excellent stability for its class, it will probably become your all-time favorite boat!

Stellar, 16 feet, sit on top, surf ski, cockpit, easy to enter, reentry, S16S, light weight, green, gray, sale, hatch, riggings, overstern, rudder, kayaking, paddling

Stellar S16S Excel, green with grey stripe

Stellar S16S Excel: New $3790; now just $3100!!!
This is the boat almost anyone can paddle, yet it will run rings around most boats in this size range.  And it’s a heck of a lot of fun to paddle!  At 16′ long x 22.9″ wide x 27.6 lbs and in a very pretty green/grey color scheme, this is a beautiful boat with very reassuring stability and remarkable efficiency.  And it’s a very easy boat to handle, with the light weight and cockpit handles.  Two hatches give the boat plenty of storage for tripping.

Stellar, SEL, mult-sport, kevlar, kayaking, light weight, river, racing, surf ski, overstern, rudder, River Bear Racing, sale, orange, paddling, boat

Stellar SEL Multi-Sport in bright orange

Stellar SEL Multi-Sport: new $3170; now just $2300!!!
This is the super-boat for the hard-core racer or the paddler with good balance skills who just appreciates exceptional performance and efficiency.  21.2′ long x 17.1″ wide x 34.8 lbs.  Secondary stability is exceptional for an elite ski, and the Multi-Sport layup means it’s ready to rumble on rivers where rocks and such could damage most composite boats.  Retractable Andersen bailer and over-stern rudder reduce the possibility of damage while the rugged carbon/Kevlar hull shrugs off impacts with nothing more than a minor scratch in the finish.

Looking for the latest in performance kayaking?  See the  Gen 2 S18S from Stellar!

About River Bear Racing

Surf ski and kayak racing form a huge part of my life; as soon as the water is open in the Midwest, I'm on it 'till it freezes over again! Follow the aquatic adventure with the latest boats and equipment from Stellar Kayaks and Mocke Paddling Products. See you on the water! Steve ;)

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