When Cool and Excellence Collide…


Stellar continues to break new ground when it comes to colors and trim schemes for their surf skis and kayaks!  Witness this new SR Excel we just got in at River Bear Racing: one of the coolest looking surf ski trims I’ve ever seen coupled with one of the sweetest paddling surf skis on the market.  A dizzying array of colors and trim schemes (most at no extra cost, although this scheme is extra) allow you to custom order a boat that’s uniquely yours.  Coupling cool colors and trim schemes with boats that are remarkable to paddle is a winning combination!  And by the way – all new Stellar surf skis come with the very effective, retractable Debrito bailer, side handles for easy handling (except SEL & SES), and come set up for quick installation of an over-stern kick-up rudder.  Check it out at River Bear Racing!



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