Tippecanoe Race, Lafayette, IN 5.8.2021

Saturday dawned bright and clear - and somewhat chilly.  But the cold is no deterrent to hard-core race paddlers.  16 of us converged on the banks of the Tippecanoe River mid-morning for a 10 mile adventure downstream on one of the prettier rivers in Indiana.  Naturally the pre-race trash talking occurred, mostly along the lines … Continue reading Tippecanoe Race, Lafayette, IN 5.8.2021

Tippicanoe Race 5.5.18

Tippecanoe Race Report May 5, 2018   We came, we C1’d, we conquered….sort of. Upon arriving at Terry’s Tippecanoe Race Saturday, I picked my new-to-me C1 from Dave Hendrich.  The fit was perfect, trim was right on, and I was a natural.  There was great fear in Bill Kanost’s eyes as I said “Bill – … Continue reading Tippicanoe Race 5.5.18

Tippicanoe River Race, Lafayette, IN 5.7.16

Tippecanoe without “Tyler Too” – but we did spot Bigfoot If you’re a fan of change, Tippecanoe is your race.  Some years it’s warm and inviting, some years it’s cold and foreboding.  Most years we face at least the threat of rain, often thunderstorms.  Water levels and current vary, even between morning and afternoon races.  … Continue reading Tippicanoe River Race, Lafayette, IN 5.7.16